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Top 5 Beaches in Sydney Australia

Are you missing the sands in between your feet, the salty sea breeze that caresses your skin and the calming sound of the waves dashing against the shore? Well if you are residing in an urban area, it may take a long hour drive to enjoy these things that beaches offer but not if you are in Sydney Australia. This city in New South Wales lies on the southern east coast making swimming just very accessible. So take out those beach gears as we will need those flip-flops, swimwear, sunglasses and sunblock as we hit its nearby top 5 beaches. Read More...

Travel and Places | Nov 13, 2013

Gold Coast: Australia Paradise

A coastal city, Gold Coast is located in the state of Queensland in the South East. It lies 94 km south of the Brisbane which is the state capital. It is the second most populated city in the state, sixth most populated city in the country and the most populated non capital city in Australia. It covers total area od 1400 square kilometres. The boundries of the city extends from Beenleigh to Coolangatta in the south, kaing in south Stradbroke Island and part of Moreton Bay and extending towards the hinterland of Mount Tamborine and the Lamington and Darlington ranges in the west. Read More...

Travel and Places | Oct 03, 2013

Opera House and Harbor Bridge Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most creative and the busiest multi-venue performing arts centres of the world built by Danish architect Jorn Utzon after wining the design competition. The construction of the house started in 1959 and was completed in 1973. The total cost required for the house was AU$ 102 million which is equivalent to AU$ 922 million at present. The Opera house is 600 ft long and 394 ft wide at its widest point, supported on 588 concrete piers sunk as much as 82 ft below the sea level. it covers the total land of 1.8 hectares. Read More...

Travel and Places | Oct 03, 2013

New Year Eve Fireworks Sydney

Sydney's New Year Eve is the most awaited day of the year for seeing the world's ultimate firework that brings together millions of people. More than a million people gather by Sydney Harbour, more than 2 million across Australia and more than a billion worldwide. The main features of the eve are the two pyrotechnic displays; 9 pm family fireworks and the midnight fireworks with a new theme each year, both of which are broadcased live in television. Read More...

Travel and Places | Oct 03, 2013

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