Exercise plan for weight loss

Health and Medicine | Nov 06, 2013

Having a fit, toned and attractive body is now the target for millions of people who are seeking healthy lifestyle. The fact that many people fail achieving the body they desire is most probably because of the misleading information that pulls them out of the way. Losing weight/shaping a toned body is not that hard but a one just need to know what he’s doing.


Regardless of all the myths which is out there, there is no way to lose weight except by going through a calorie deficit, a calorie deficit is a state where a person eats less than he burns so the energy (fat) stored in his body is used to compensate, so if this deficit continues for prolonged amount of time, the person loses weight.


There are two main ways to enhance the calorie deficit theory, exercising and following a diet plan. Exercising would help in weight loss by forcing the body to burn more calories for fuelling the physical activity; however exercising is not as effective as minimizing the calorie intake, for instance an hour of running at 5mph for a 200 pounds person would just burn 700 calories! So changing the diet plan is the most important aspect of losing weight.


The term losing weight is a bit forked; it can mean that the amount of one or more of the following has decreased: fat, muscle tissues, bone density or water. So a drop in the scale should not make you happy as it doesn’t show how much fat you lost.

The crucial thing that all of us want to keep during a diet plan is the muscle mass, but unintentionally we would lose a lot of it by mistake.


A Decrease in the muscle mass will be significant when a person goes through calorie deficit within extensive periods of time, the human body is very smart and it adapts to any situation it is indulged in, so an overweight person develops muscles to help him move that heavy body, but when he starts losing weight the muscles shrink gradually as they are of no use to the body.


The importance of muscles comes from the calories they burn, the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the amount of calories you burn doing nothing just to keep your organs properly functioning depends on the lean body mass. Substantially, more muscles= more calories burnt=potential of eating more without gaining fat and here is the role of weightlifting.


The human body adapts to stress or changes in a smart way, lifting weight stimulates growth as the body is not used to such stress; it just send clear messages to the brain " we need more muscles to survive", it does the same job that the fat does to the muscles.


A lot of people think that cardiovascular exercises burns more energy while performing it, thus losing more weight, although that is true, however muscle development is far more important as the muscle mass you hold will help you burn more calories whether you’re exercising or not.


There are a lot of women who think that weightlifting is going to make them look like men, as a matter of fact men develop muscles when they workout because they have a good amounts of testosterone hormone unlike women, so women will never bulk huge amount of muscles like the famous female bodybuilders are they are using steroids.

Weightlifting is indispensable for losing weight for men and women, and when it is combined with proper nutrition the results will be far beyond expectations.




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