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Can't recharge woolworths global roaming sim online Woolworths Global Roaming Sim for Travel Worst
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a couple of different solutions to helping you out when your battery power starts to run low. One of these, ultra power saving mode, is designed to help you keep using your phone when things get really close to the wire. Samsung made a big deal of this at the launch event, so now we've had one in hand for a little while, let's take a look at what ultra power saving mode is, how it can help you and how to use it. First up, how to enable it. Sadly it doesn't come on automatically, so the quickest method is to swipe down from the top of the display with 2 fingers to open the quick settings drawer and tap on the toggle. It'll take a few seconds to kick in, but then everything will go black and white. Answer Source: What is the benefit of "Ultra Power Saving Mode" is Samsung Galaxy S5? Samsung Galaxy S5 06 May, 2014
Yes battery on the Galaxy S5 is removable which is advantage over iPhone 5s, HTC M8, Sony Xperia Z2. Battery Spec is a 2800mAh. Is Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Removable? If yes what the battery Spec of Galaxy S5? Samsung Galaxy S5 06 May, 2014

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