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Betta Wardrobes - Reviews

Betta Wardrobes

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Release Date: Dec 29, 2014


Enjoy the latest wardrobes, shower screens, cabinets and splash backs of Betta Wardrobes with free measure, quotes and price range……

Betta Wardrobes, the successful oldest and leading furniture retailer has been industrially serving Australian families with its quality and excellent interior and outdoor furniture since past forty years. Betta Wardrobes, the collection of contemporary and modern design shower screen and wardrobes is the one in the Australian furniture market that is heartily enhancing Australian alfresco and living, dining and bedroom through its fashionable and stylish designed furniture pieces. Betta Wardrobes is also the reputed introducer and trader for the stylish cabinet furniture items and splash backs.

Every Betta products are found to be unique and modish. The Sydney based Betta Wardrobes are found to be ever ready to create and offer classic and contemporary designs whether it is a walk in wardrobes, built in wardrobes, modern doors for the existing wardrobes and internal revamp. Its wide array of chic shower screens also complement every individual bathroom with gorgeous framed shower screens, frameless shower screens and semi framed shower screens.  Moreover, it has been affordably offering eye catching splash backs and cabinets that are totally limited in imagination, developing bathroom and kitchen surface with variable colors, sizes and styles, everyone desire. In addition, the living room can be truly completed with its great collection of custom design cabinet’s products that highly suits every Australian homes and living style.

Betta is considered as the friendly Australian owned business company, highly known for its first-rate skills, finest fixtures and materials, granting its products with the confident promise of 15 years warranty on all of its wardrobes, 5 years warranty for cabinets products and splash backs and more 5 years warranty for shower screens products. Betta Wardrobes has been providing its quality wardrobes cover through its eight different display centers located at Sydney and one more display centre located at Wollongong. These display centers remain opened for all seven days a week with its scheduled trading hours. In addition, easy booking services, fast and reliable delivery cover, online and inline advice and guidance, choice on products and more are the important customer services offered by Betta Wardrobes.

The more information about Betta Wardrobes including the latest arrivals, price ranges, customer care services, discounts, offers and career can be obtained from Betta Wardrobes official link.

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Mar 11, 2016

Odd size drawer

2/ 5stars
Posted this on Mar 11, 2016

From what they quoted to what was installed was different. Instead of having 4 x 220mm and 2 x 160mm drawers installed they decided to prefabricate 3 x 220mm drawers and 1 x 250mm drawer! They said it should have been explained by the rep at the time that it cannot be constructed as what we requested but was not. Now I have a ridiculous combination of 3 x 220mm drawers then a 250mm drawer stuck in between the 220mm and the 160mm drawers which now sticks out like a turd in a fruit bowl. The installation guys were great and couldn't fault them in any way. [name removed] even helped me take a huge wardrobe to my garage which was much appreciated!

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