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BHF Couriers

1/5 from 1 review.

Release Date: Nov 09, 2014


BHF Couriers, the Australian Family possessed business is granting the extensive range of logistics freight solutions with an array of transportation services from interstate and intrastate couriers to the VIP couriers. BHF Courier is ensuring its quality courier services to the Australian with over 20 years of parcel and delivery experiences with integrity, peace of mind, safety, cost effective and efficiently. It has been offering its services throughout Australia with head office established in Sydney. It has provided with dedicated, novel and hardworking drivers on each and every call, at just from each corner of the nation very ready to ship the goods and packages anywhere and anytime as the demands of customers.

BHF Couriers is ever strive to its clients requirements and needs by ensuring the best possible outshot regarding freight managements, couriers services and price. It is always straightforward with its dynamic young team for providing convenience and easy logistics freights. Regarding its freight covers, it has included standard road, overseas and air services, road covers with tail lift equipments, super express freight. Same day delivery services, international freight services, super express services, counseling regarding booking, online payment and many more. Furthermore, it has also provided insurance of every valuable goods for the money recovery in the case of goods loss or damaged.

BHF Couriers provides sigh proof delivery in entire freights. All the packages are individually checked to ensure safety and secure. Being unique and leader to the courier market, it has been always granting excellent and fastest online freight covers, respecting the people and advanced growing of time. Similarly, it allows different parcels to multiple locations so that customers can choose varieties of services carriers all in same booking i.e. multiple levels of online flexible services. These services are interact electronically at fixed time that means the booking is sent off and ready in carrier system, even before receiving the affirmation email. It logistics courier solutions also includes no account fees, no minimum monthly speed, simple payment system, tax invoice, competitive quotes, tracking services, queries to competitors and combined purchasing powers.

The more information about BHF Couriers regarding quotes, booking, testimonials, contacts, services and many more can be obtained from BHF Couriers official website.

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Apr 29, 2016

Unprofessional, rude and not taking responsibility for their mistakes

1/ 5stars
Posted this on Apr 29, 2016

Not only don't waste your money, don't put yourself in such a terrible and energy draining experience dealing with this dodgy company that will do everything they can in order to avoid insurance claim. Things like encourage you to commit fraud, intimidate you, call you a liar, hang up the phone on you are withing their expertise. Sent 4 suitcases QLD to VIC to only get 3. After 20 days of me hassling them for the missing suitcase it was declared lost. I proceeded to organise insurance claim paperwork as well as purchase the things I've lost. 30 days later they call to say my suitcase was found but after seeing the photos I realised it wasn't mine but they accused me of being a liar as their "systems verified and tracked the item back to the job code" (how funny they were able to do this at this stage and not when it was needed the most, like before declaring the suitcase lost). Anyhow, the story gets better, after imploring them it was not my suitcase, my real suitcase showed up but to my surprise they never put the insurance claim through (the one I gathered the paperwork for and submitted right after they declared it lost 10 days before). I ended up spending $2,000 out of my own pocket and no one to compensate me for my loss. They've threatened me and sent emails saying my insurance claim was fraudulent and that I could end up paying large fines or even go to jail! You deserve better, avoid them at all costs, please


Shut it down

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