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Jason Burns Homes - Reviews

Jason Burns Homes

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Jason Burns Homes-“Where quality is an upgrade”

Jason Burns is one of the largest Australian builders who pride themselves on building excellence homes. Currently, the new homes builder of Subiaco, Western Australia, Jason Burns Homes is presenting you the collections of latest and branded custom homes that highly satisfy every individual expectations. It has ensured innovative design in every houses in order to create affordable land and home packages which are closely matched to every customer needs. It is the right builder for the first home buyer in order to have excellences working performances, designs and finance solutions. Jason Burn is the family operated business who has got 55 years of quality work performances. Between this 55 years of its working period, it has been able to gain full satisfactions from Australian families from its every home designs. It has presented its house design in single storey, multi storey, gallery and display homes options. Dalliance, Scintilla, Melange, Seraglio, Pastiche, Quintessential, Halcyon, Eloquence, Demesne, Felicity, etc are some of the famous Jason Burns Homes collections.      

It has got the maximum range of customs design homes which can be suited in any potential block width. The homes are designed by the professional architect that truly outfits the Queensland climate. Jason Burns builder provides homes which are adaptable, efficient and sustainable that grant long term future in housing and affordable to subtropical lifestyle. Similarly, it also grants the broad range of researched inclusions that highly satisfy the client’s expectations. Jason Burns Homes are provided with Kitchen attached with PC connections and well designed airy and light, 3 to 4 bedrooms along with the main bedroom,  1 to 2 bathrooms and garage along with the garden view that promote flexibility to the living standard. Moreover, homes are passively designed with flexible floor plans that are airy and light, which promotes seamless and faultless transition in between outside and inside and frontage designs up to 17m. Its rooms are proper ventilated with solar passive design.

Reason for choosing Jason Burns Homes:

Direct dealing and supervision of construction with clients

Finished products with quality inclusions and attention to the detail

Finance arranger and motivator

Fixed priced contract and comprehensive insurance

Fully Comprehensive specifications schedule.

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May 05, 2016

Think Twice before using Jason Burns Homes

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Posted this on May 05, 2016

We built a house with Jason Burns Homes 2 years ago and at the start it was wonderful. During the build we faced some challenges and then at hand over and from time of moving in it went downhill. We tried to contact them with regards to Maintenance issues and they did not return any of our calls or responded to any of our emails. Eventually we had to approach the Building Commission to obtain help. Throughout the process they still fell short of meeting deadlines and actually had no regard to address the issues we had. Very quick to take our money but once the build was finished and all the money paid they weren't interested.

Cons: No customer service post build.

Actually attend to your clients needs even when the build is finished it would save you time and money.

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